First Visit

The sooner you enter my office from the onset of pain, the quicker your problem can be diagnosed, and the quicker you can begin proper treatment. Each new patient is treated as a unique individual and is given a full, comprehensive evaluation. The time is taken to discuss all of your questions and concerns.

Your x-rays are taken and I will go over them with you. We will talk about the appropriate treatment plan for your specific needs, which we will then put into action. You will be given instructions on the correct things to do when you get home, as well as what might make your pain worse. It is common to find that many patients may be doing the wrong activities to manage their pain, for instance, using heat when they should use ice, or sitting instead of standing, etc. When managed properly, your pain gets better much faster.

You can expect your first appointment to last about an hour.


Dr. Dallas checks patient for hamstring flexibility and leg pain.


Dr. Dallas reviews chart with patient for thoroughness.

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