Back Pain Treatments

If you suffer from back pain, you have a lot of company. Dr. John Dallas of Dallas Chiropractic Relief in Lansing, MI will do an evaluation of your back and provide you with suggestions for moving forward with your treatment. Your plan will be personalized to you and your back. 

Chiropractic manipulation

Chiropractic manipulation is one of the primary treatments for back pain and the many other conditions that can result from a spine that is out of alignment. It is the controlled use of force to mobilize a joint back into position. Although a thrust is necessary to move the joint, adjustments are not usually painful and may be done gently, based on a patient’s needs.

Electric muscle stimulation

Electric muscle stimulation can help to reduce the back pain caused by muscle spasms. When electric stimulation is applied to the muscles, it causes them to contract. The continued contractions tire the muscles out, allowing them to relax. The temperature in the area being treated rises and circulation is increased, allowing the body to work to heal itself. Once the muscles relax, the other therapies work better and the pain is reduced. 


Ultrasound therapy uses sound waves to work deep within the soft tissue or joints. Vibrations heat the tissue and help reduce swelling, inflammation, and break down scar tissue. Gel is applied to the skin and the handheld device is moved over the affected area. A non-invasive safe way to promote healing and pain relief, often used with chronic back pain. 


Traction is a treatment that helps to stretch the spine to help overcome any pinching of the nerves that is happening. It is used to help with lumbar back pain. 

Therapeutic exercise

Part of your treatment plan for back pain will include exercise, especially stretches that can help you to continue your pain control when you are at home between visits. By using targeted exercise, you will be able to fit your stretches to the area of your back where you need it. The doctor will explain how to perform the exercises correctly. 

Contact Dr. Dallas of Dallas Chiropractic Relief in Lansing, MI when you need help with back pain. Give us a call at 517-882-0251 to make an appointment or send us a message through our website. 

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